Wesbeam LVL Plant NEERABUP W.A

Client: Wesbeam/ Cullity Group

Construction and upgrade installations to LVL Billet and Veneer plant.
Plant uses radiata pine logs from near by plantations to produce timber veneer sheets used for content to make LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) billets, which in turn are made into structural beams used in the construction industry.

Process Description of plant:

  • Log yard and Debarking; Pine Logs are brought to site debarked in preparation for lathe process.
  • Lathe; Skims logs to Veneer sheets and graded according to quality.
  • Kiln; Veneer kiln dried
  • Lay up; Preparation, Grading, Gluing and Lay up of veneer to form timber billet.
  • Pre Press; To compress billet prior to hot press and cure.
  • Hot press; To cure the gluing process
  • Trolley Handling; Handling the finished billet
  • Billet and beam ripping; Producing, Grading and Sizing beams from the billet.
  • I beam process production; Capping beams to produce I beams.

Programmed Shutdowns and Additions.


  • Wesbeam Lvl Plant
  • Wesbeam Lvl Plant2

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